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Banniere Partenaire


Avalanche 2016 is now over.

The event was a success and drew more than 300 people. We hope that you have had a wonderful day with us and all the participants.
***We wish to emphasize and thank, once again, all the members of the event's organizing committee, the activities' committee and all our volunteers for the day. Without their involvement and their dedication, the Avalanche event would only be, a shadow of what it is now.***

**Here they are, in alphabetical order of their geocaching name:**

**bismic, Bodypeach4, CFTrouve, Charloü, Dalia, dixquatre2, Guerriers, hotkimo, IXE13, Jeehell, kabouter., LadyKarine, laouate, LeGodFather, Les Bengales, Marvin A, metseau, mlafortu, moumoute, NoNameX03, oiseau_ca, ouestcharly, Pat&Bella, petittrot, Sunpuki, tipete, unoyt**

We also wish to thank our sponsors for their support. You can find a list of the latter, by visiting the "Sponsors" tab on the official Avalanche event page.

Last but not least, we wish to thank all the geocachers who braved unstable winter conditions this year and have come to this great winter gathering. It is always a pleasure to see and welcome you and, we hope to see you again, next year.

You can see all the pictures of the event by consulting the ["Images gallery"].

[Click here] to see Sunpuki's Avalanche 2016 video. 

Thank you all for making this the largest winter event there is.

Événements de Géocaching au Québec
05 déc
Bonne nuit Voyou Royal 15:42 par potronminet
Endroit: Beaconsfield

05 déc
Un p'tit café? Décembre 2021 par GrandeRoute
Endroit: Laval

08 déc

11 déc
Good Morning Lorraine 7:25 par potronminet
Endroit: Lorraine

19 déc
Joyeux Noël 2021 par Steffie!
Endroit: Shannon

31 déc
BYE BYE 2021 par cpilote
Endroit: Québec

31 déc
Pour terminer l'année 2021 en beauté par MaitreJack
Endroit: Rimouski

31 déc
Bye-Bye 2021 par Cyrano-Bella
Endroit: Baie-Comeau

01 jan
Bienvenue 2022 par Steffie!
Endroit: Québec

01 jan
Il était une fois ... à Rimouski. par 69Cancer
Endroit: Rimouski